Every Book Deserves A Soundtrack

Every writer gears up for a new project differently. Part of my process before doing any actual, you know, writing is to create a playlist for the new WIP. I may have the characters’ GMCs figured out and the major plot points roughed out, but until I get to the point where I’m adding songs to a dedicated playlist because they remind me of aspects of the characters or plot, my preparations feel unfinished. I suppose it’s because I’ve lived most of my life with my own soundtrack running through my head (somebody cue Jimmy Buffett).

The songs I choose aren’t deliberate, exactly. That is, I don’t go looking for songs to add. It happens organically–I hear a song and it triggers thoughts of a character or the story. Sometimes it’s a single phrase within the song, sometimes it’s pretty much the entire song. Listening to the playlist gets me in the mood for writing and deepens my understanding of the characters/story.

I finalized the playlist for my current WIP this past week (and I’ve started writing). I’d set the project aside for several weeks for various reasons that don’t need exploring at this juncture, but I’m back on track now and writing up a storm! So, here’s the playlist for the project I’m now tentatively calling: The Sundered Earth. The list is by “Song Title” (Performer) – Related Character (or STORY, if it’s plot related)

The Sundered Earth Playlist

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