Collateral Picture

I finally got around to making our calendar for next year. Yesterday. Just a few weeks later than usual. I love making our calendar instead of buying a commercial one. It’s so much more fun to turn the month and see our own pictures. There are several ways to make a calendar, but since all our pictures are already in iPhoto, that’s what I use. The quality of the calendar is fantastic, if a little pricey.

I usually try to get the calendar finished by the end of November, but this year I didn’t make it. I was focused on NaNoWriMo and getting my Golden Heart® entry submitted on time, and then I, er, sort of forgot. Until yesterday, that is, when I needed to add a January appointment to the calendar and realized, oops! No calendar.

I already knew what theme I planned to use for 2012. I always try to use current pictures–at least taken in the last two to three years–and this year the winners, hands down, were pictures taken from our Caribbean cruise on the Silver Cloud last March. The hard part was narrowing it down to 40 or so pictures for the calendar. But I made it–it’s submitted to Apple and should arrive some time next week. Yay!

While I was going through the pictures, though, I realized I hadn’t uploaded the pictures I took of our Japanese maples at the height of their fall color into iPhoto. I love these trees. We planted seven of them–all different types–in the spring of 2010. Three of them are planted in the ground and four are in pots. Each tree has its own color and leaf shape and size. The color in all of the pictures is amazing, but the Bloodgood really stood out this year.


The rest of the year the Bloodgood’s leaves are a deep, deep burgundy, so dark they’re almost black. But in the fall, for a few short weeks, they lighten and look almost florescent. And when the sun shines, the tree looks like it’s on fire.