Dreaming of the Sun

This year Mr. W and I have made the decision not to travel for long vacations. Doesn’t mean we won’t do any traveling, just that we won’t be spending a lot of time and money going to far off places. It also means we won’t be escaping the winter doldrums, either. Sigh

No matter how much I love the coldyes, I am a bit odd, why do you ask?–there comes a point during every winter in the Pacific Northwest when I miss the sun. Since we won’t be seeking the sun this winter, I decided to start sharing photos of trips past. Maybe the memory of heat and light will suffice for awhile. One can hope.

The following pictures are from the Caribbean cruise we took last March aboard Silversea’s Silver Cloud. We’ve taken several cruises (on other cruise lines), but this quickly became our favorite ship. The pictures are of the dockside at Roseau, Dominica on March 7, 2011. Enjoy!