Tech Talk –ish

It’s been one of those weeks. If you use a computer or gadgets of any kind, you know what I’m talking about. The kind of week where things suddenly work differently or they just die — networks, batteries, external hard disks, you name it.

I ended up having to reconfigure our wireless network, reformat one hard drive, and buy and partition/format/make ready a new hard drive. I’m still moving terabytes of data around (yes, I said terabytes — you really don’t want to know how many). At least I’d had the foresight to make sure we had backups in place before the problems started.

Aside from being annoying, in a weird way it was kind of fun. Or at least, familiar. Writing scripts and running UNIX commands (we have Macs). Guess that old saw about riding a bike is true. Nice to know I hadn’t forgotten anything.

And on a different tech note, can I say just how much I love the Reader View in Firefox? Having the ability to strip away all the crap on certain websites, or to focus in on just the article on other (dare I say better designed?) websites, is pure heaven. This is design with what real people (forget the term users) want in mind. Thank you Firefox team!